JMS SPORTS is on market for more than 20 years. Through that time our market spreaded and changed our main activities which main branches are

1.sports gear
2.tourist gear
3.house & garden

Our assortment is being sold under our brands which are protected in EU. Inline skates, skates, scooters and assortment which is connected with excercise we sell under ULTRA MOTION brand. For outdoor gear we have DISCOVERER brand and CONQUEROR. Fitness gear has BODYMAKER brand, box equipment - BULL’s. Garden product you could fin dunder EURAX GARDEN brand.

Since 1992 at JMS SPORTS we take care for products we offer to our clients is the best quality. Through quality of our products and our service we aim to satisfy our clients demands. To achieve it we cooperate with Polish Centre of Research and Certification where we test our products to confirm their quality features and useful features

We take care that all of our products debut on Polish market and EU market are harmonious to EU law. Standard in our activity is preparing assortment offers for individual demands of our customers regarding price, quality and colours. In this situation each year we develope new collections of our products which are an answer for present trends.

Foundament of our success is expierence, proficiency and involvement of our workers who loves sport and they practice it. It lets JMS SPORTS fast to adapt to changing market and effectively meet expectations of our customers in country and abroad. Young and creative team developed through years stabil position of our company on market among sports equipments distributors and encourages to permanent invest for his develop. The biggest reward is appreciation and satisfaction of customers.